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The Bulk Wholesale Clothing Suppliers in India: Lomoofy Industries

Fashion distributors play the leading role in the commercialization of the clothing business. The wholesale retailers get the clothing stock directly from the factory and then commercialize the apparel to distribute them among the customers. But the journey of clothes from the manufacturing unit or factory to the hands of the customer is due to the effective functioning of Bulk Wholesale Clothing Suppliers. Clothing manufacturing companies are responsible for making clothes. A factory always sells the items in bulk. They never sell single pieces. They place large orders with the manufacturers and then further distribute to the retail stores where the customers directly shop.

Categorization of Clothes

The Wholesale Clothing Distributors buy the clothes in bulk directly from the factories. Then, they assemble the clothes into categories like men, women, and children. These are further subdivided into traditional and western clothes. They buy the clothes in bulk and then sell smaller quantities directly to the customer. With this approach, they can charge more money for single items. The categorization of clothes is done in the following way-

  • Formal Wear- Worn for official purposes. It includes tuxedo suits and bow ties with a jacket that can be worn at weddings, dinners, dates, or knighthood. Usually, formal clothes are neutral or pale colors like black, white, grey, and dark blue.
  • Casual Wear- Worn in informal events. It includes jeans and t-shirts. Usually, casual attires are brightly colored, like red, orange, yellow, green, and cobalt blue.
  • Business Attire- Worn for work purposes, mainly in the corporate world. There are three types of business attire business professionals, business casuals, and smart casuals. The typical features of business attire are dark or neutral suits that match ties, belts, and shoes. They allow the mix-up of various matching tops and pants to create a look based on personal style.
  • Sportswear- Worn for playing and athletic or sports activities. It includes tracksuits, T-shirts, shorts, polo shirts, swimsuits for swimming, wet suits for surfing or diving, ski suits for skiing, and leotards for gymnastics. They also include sports footwear like football boots, ice skates, and riding boots.
  • Undergarments- Essential clothing for maintaining the hygiene of intimate areas. There is a separate classification for men’s and women’s undergarments. Undergarments for men include boxer shorts, classic briefs, and boxer briefs. Undergarments for women include bras, lingerie, and panties.
  • Children’s Wear- Worn by children above the age of two years. It includes shorts, denim, polos, t-shirts, and trousers.
  • Men’s Wear- Typically worn by the gents. Classic apparel for men is pants and a shirt.
  • Women’s Wear- Typically worn by the ladies. The apparel for ladies varies from one region to another. It includes skirts, blouses, stylish tops, and gowns.
  • Baby Clothes- Typically worn by babies and toddlers below the age of two years. There is a wide variety of clothes available for babies. They are nappies, footies, bodysuits, jumpsuits, onesies, singlets, and rompers.


A clothing distributor plays a significant role in the clothing industry. They buy clothes directly from the manufacturers at wholesale prices. Then they distribute the apparel to various retail stores to sell individual pieces to the users. One such famous distributor is Lomoofy Industries. They serve as a link between clothing manufacturers and consumers or users. Thus, they are critical players in the textile and apparel industry.

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