Clothing & Apparel Unit

Clothing & Apparel Unit: A Global Fashion Supply Chain


The fashion industry is not limited to a single region or a country. It is a global trend. Have you ever wondered how the apparel you saw on a fashion show on television comes to the retail shops in your nearby area? The apparel you are wearing today may be designed by someone across borders or miles away from your home. All these things are possible only with the help of the clothing and apparel unit.

Apparel Production Unit

The apparel production unit is responsible for designing and manufacturing dresses. The manpower and modern machinery are the core of this unit. The success of garment exporters and suppliers depends upon the workers’ efficiency and skills in running the machines, designing the clothes, and effective marketing strategies. Exporters and suppliers of garments assist them.

They send the apparel from one country to another country. In the fashion industry, the apparel, textiles, shoes, and accessories related to fashion are manufactured in one place and then shipped to other regions. One of the famous distributors of fashionable apparel is Lomoofy Industries. In this way, the consumers of the destination country can enjoy the fashion items imported from another country. Thus, they are a crucial part of the global fashion supply chain.

Types of outfits

There are enormous varieties of outfits available in the fashion industry. They are classified below-

  • For Men– Once, it was said that fashion exists for women only. But that’s a false conception because today’s modern fashion designers focus equally on the outfits of males too. The top wear of men includes shrugs and t-shirts for casual wear, a kurta set and coat pant set for ceremonies, formal suits for official work, jackets and hoodies for winter, tracksuits, and shorts for sporty activities, and the list goes on.
  • For Women– The fashion industry has grown enormously at an exponential phase due to the love for fashion given by women. Since the ancient era, fashion styles have evolved in every century. The top wear for women in the twenty-first century includes tops, blouses, shirts, shrugs, Kurtis, casual t-shirts, etc. Some women’s apparel is pretty similar to men’s, except for designs like blazers, coats, jumpsuits, hoodies, jackets, etc. The plus point of women’s apparel is the availability of a wide range of bottom wears like skirts (long skirts or miniskirts), capris, pants, palazzos, joggers, bell bottoms, shorts, etc.
  • For kids– Children are not left behind in the fashion industry. Almost every company makes unique apparel for kids. It is commonly known as the “Kid’s Collection” because it contains a wide range of designed clothes for kids. The apparels for kids are t-shirts, trousers, sweatshirts, nightwear, etc.
  • Sportswear– Having an athletic and fit body is a dream of nearly every individual on this globe. However, the workouts require fitting and sweat-proof clothes to confer comfort during the exercises. Thus, to solve these problems, fashion designers have introduced exclusive gym wear for exercising without discomfort.


The evolution of the fashion industry has brought tremendous benefits to mankind. Lomoofy Industries focus on producing fashionable apparel and taking care of the environment by manufacturing eco-friendly clothes with natural fibers. They meet the demands of every brand to confer the best trendy styles to people.

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