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Garments manufacturers in India:- Lomoofy Industries is one of the fastest growing Garments manufacturers in India. We are achieving excellence by striving to create and design fashionable garments for men, women, and kids. We are specialized in making clothing comfortable yet stylish. We follow trends to design our entire collection of clothing items. All of our garments are export quality and designed by prominent fashion designers around the nation to beat the ever-changing trends in the world of fashion. Lomoofy Industries is a perfect destination for family clothing and sportswear collection.

India is one of the top nations in the world for producing clothing. The entire value chain of Indian textile and apparel items, from fiber, yarn, and fabric to clothes with great worldwide appeal, has a tradition of fine craftsmanship. India’s cotton, silk, and denim are very well-liked in other nations, and Indian clothing has been successful in fashion hubs all over the world. Many Garments exporters and suppliers from India are fulfilling the global needs of clothing.

Lomoofy Industries being one of the leading Garments exporters and suppliers, we go beyond merely doing business. We create enduring relationships and partnerships. The textile industry demands the highest level of attention to design, quality, and detail. Everyone in the organization, from our top executives to our tailors, recognizes the value of producing quality. Our major goal has been to create comfortable and fashionable apparel for men, women, and kids that are in trend.

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Rising trends of garment export from India

  • India, which has a substantial raw material and industrial base, is the sixth-largest exporter of textile and clothing goods
  • India’s overall exports in 2020–21 included 4% of textiles, clothing, and handicrafts, but its percentage of the world’s textile and apparel trade was 4%.
  • Despite unheard-of logistics problems, India exported the most textiles and apparel (T&A) and handicrafts (US$ 4 billion) in FY 2021–22, representing increases of 41% and 26% over FY 2020–21 and FY 2019–20, respectively.

A pioneer Garments exporter and supplier in India - Lomoofy Industries

Lomoofy Industries is one of the top Garments exporters and suppliers in India, exporting high-quality and trendy apparel in mainly 4 categories, namely, menswear, womenswear, kidswear, and sportswear to more than 100 nations worldwide. The United States, United Arab Emirates, the United Kingdom, Bangladesh, Germany, China, Spain, France, Italy, the Netherlands, Saudi Arabia, and other nations are among Lomoofy Industries top export destinations for clothing items. Due to our latest designs, fine quality fabric, and high-comfort clothing, major worldwide wholesalers and retailers are interested in buying their clothing needs from Lomoofy Industries.

  • We are the most preferred Apparels manufacturing company in India when it comes to comfortable and trendy clothing items.
  • A fully integrated knitwear setup, including yarning, spinning, knitting, dyeing, finishing, embroidery, printing, and garmenting, is provided by Lomoofy Industries.
  • From fiber to fashion, we provide our customers with a full range of textile manufacturing Services.
  • With rigorous quality assurance and a cost-effective manufacturing process, we can personalize garments to the needs of our This positions us at the top in the list of best Garments exporters and suppliers in India.
  • While maintaining quality, cost, and manufacturing timeliness, we can create unique and create clothing items.
  • The brightest minds in technology, design, and manufacturing make up our team.
  • We are a proficient Clothing and apparel unit in India.
  • By conducting systematic testing and continuous result monitoring, quality is kept under control at every level of manufacturing.
  • The in-house labs and R&D centers of Lomoofy Industries are fully equipped with the most up-to-date testing machinery.
  • We follow ethical and fair trade clothing manufacturing principles that are transparent, sustainable, and use ethical labor methods.

Quality Assurance Policy at Lomoofy Industries

Quality remains a priority, at Lomoofy Industries in all of its operations. A top-notch group of experts regularly examines the intricacies of quality control at our Apparels manufacturing company. In order to satisfy the needs of the customer, they use the most recent quality technology systems and manufacturing techniques from the acquisition of raw materials until the production of the finished product.

As a reputed Clothing and apparel unit, we have an accredited lab facility of our own to monitor quality at various levels of production. We rigorously test physical and chemical parameters throughout our manufacturing processes to guarantee zero defects. We arrange professional development programs for our employees so that they can stay up to date with emerging trends and methodologies. Moreover, we ensure that our employees have a healthy work-life balance because we are a people-centric firm. So that they dedicatedly work in our Clothing and apparel unit.

If you are searching for a reliable Apparels manufacturing company that can cater to your garment manufacturing needs, look no further. We are here to provide you solution. Lomoofy Industries is a dominant player among the Garments manufacturers, Garments exporters and suppliers in India offering a huge variety of clothing items. If you want to Buy Women’s Clothing Online, gym wear for men, and sportswear for women, we are the best option. We are one of the best Men Clothing Stores Online and a reliable online shopping site if you want to buy kids wear.


Industries in the Apparels Manufacturing segment classify businesses engaged in two different types of garment production:
1. cut and sew (i.e., buying fabric and cutting and sewing it into a garment).
2. The production of clothing in businesses that first knit fabric before cutting and sewing it into a garment.

Garment manufacturing includes all actions such as sewing, cutting, making, processing, repairing, finishing, assembling, dyeing, altering a garment’s design, causing another person to alter a garment’s design, attaching a label to a garment, and any other actions that are necessary to prepare a designed garment or article of clothing or accessory.

The primary responsibility of the apparel manufacturer is to create shell structures from flat fabrics that closely resemble the human body’s shape. Several procedures, including spreading, pattern-making, cutting, sewing, fuse-making, pressing, and packaging, are used to turn fabric into clothing.

  • Product inquiry Lead time/space availability
  • Costing
  • Order Acknowledgement
  • Purchase Request
  • Guarantee of payment
  • Fabric & Accessories for T & A Calendar Making Booking
  • Following L/C Sampling
  • Examining the inventory and reporting Making
  • Making patterns and markers for mass production
  • Numbering, bundling, and sorting in bulk
  • Sewing Finishing
  • Preliminary Inspection
  • Final Inspection and Delivery

The primary responsibility of an apparel manufacturing company is to produce clothing for sale to either retailers or the general public directly. Some smaller businesses are run and owned by fashion designers who contract out their sewing work to seamstresses or companies that are adept at sewing and producing bulk orders of clothing.

Cotton, silk, denim, flannel, hemp, leather, linen, velvet, and wool are the main natural textiles. Nylon, polyester, acetate, acrylic, polar fleece, rayon, and spandex are examples of synthetic textiles. A Comprehensive List of textile fibers that can be used to weave, braid, or knit various types of fabric.

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