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Bulk Wholesale Clothing Suppliers In India

Lomoofy Industries is one of the fastest-growing Bulk Wholesale Clothing Suppliers in India dealing in comfortable, fashionable, and trendy clothing line for men, women, and kids. We are a Panchkula, Haryana-based brand serving our customers by offering a vast variety of clothing options at very affordable rates. We are a also popular choice for people who are looking for custom clothing options at bulk rates. People love to create their personalized styled outfits with our highly fashionable yet comfortable garments. Moreover, with the increasing variety in our clothing line, our customer base is expanding at astounding rates. Therefore, there is a huge demand for Lomoofy Industries clothing.

India’s garment sector has experienced significant growth over the past several years. The market is anticipated to increase from USD 150 billion in 2020 to more than USD 220 billion by 2026. E-commerce has had a tremendous expansion over the past ten years, and this trend is anticipated to continue. Fashion brands experienced a sharp increase in demand and reported a 51% growth in India’s online retail market. Therefore, wholesaling is a quite significant business in the apparel industry.

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Who are Wholesale Clothing Distributors?

A business owner who purchases apparel or clothes from a manufacturer in bulk quantities and resells them to other firms or retailers is known as a wholesaler. The wholesaler doesn’t run a store; instead, they give other small businesses the garments to sell to your customers. Wholesale distributors are crucial in connecting suppliers and store owners. These days, finding reliable Bulk Wholesale Clothing Suppliers for their companies is a worry for small business owners. Lomoofy Industries is a leading brand when it comes to Bulk Wholesale Clothing Suppliers.

Advantages of buying from Bulk Wholesale Clothing Suppliers

  • Low prices due to the economies of scale
  • Access to a wide variety of designer, trendy and fashionable garments
  • Availability of quality products directly from the manufacturer free of defects
  • Opportunity to earn High-profit margins
  • Never run out of inventory or stock of garments

Opportunity to become a Wholesale Clothing Distributor at Lomoofy Industries

Lomoofy Industries is a leading online clothing brand but we aim to become a giant in the clothing industry. As we keep adding one feather after another to our hat, our empire is growing and spreading. Our reach is also growing massively day after day. We believe in cooperation, as we want to expand and climb to new heights of accomplishment. Thus, we invite all business owners who desire to expand their company to become one of our distributors as well as all those entrepreneurs who are interested in entering the flourishing garment sector. Moreover, retailers who want to stock up on the trendiest styles can also collaborate with us to achieve success in the sector. Being one of the best international-recognized Bulk Wholesale Clothing Suppliers, we can provide our clothes in bulk at economical prices. We promise excellent ROI, substantial rewards, and tailored solutions. So, what are you waiting for? Become our brand’s Wholesale Clothing Distributors right away.

Why Lomoofy Industries is the best Wholesale Clothing Supplier?

We take great pride in being one of the leading Bulk Wholesale Clothing Suppliers of the men’s, women’s, kids’, and custom clothing items that the modern retail apparel business demands. Lomoofy Industries is the one-stop destination for family garments collections. Moreover, you can also avail gym wear for men and sportswear for women at our online shopping site. So, all the Independent designers, retailers, and entrepreneurs who are in need of lots of casualwear, sportswear, and fashionable clothes can contact us. We collaborate with an enthusiastic group of designers and have access to innovative state-of-the-art manufacturing resources. We are one of the top Bulk Wholesale Clothing Suppliers in India and are happy to provide our valued clients throughout the globe with comprehensive custom clothing manufacturing services.

Lomoofy Industries is a popular choice among Wholesale Clothing Distributors due to our regularly updated trendy collection of clothes. Wholesalers buy in bulk so they always make sure that they only buy the latest collection of garments which is in high demand and we at Lomoofy Industries have in-depth knowledge of trends and textile production. Moreover, our team of talented designers is well-aware of the latest styles in the fashion industry. So, we will only offer you high-quality, fashionable, and trendy clothes that get sold real quick.

Whether you are want to Buy Women’s Clothing Online or looking for Men Clothing Stores Online, Lomoofy Industries is the best option. With our extensive line of casual, sports, and stylish apparel for both men and women, we have created a niche in the garment industry. Season after season, and month after month, we generate brand-new design concepts and aesthetics while keeping in mind the needs and demands of the customers. We are one of the top Bulk Wholesale Clothing Suppliers that high-end fashion houses, sports teams, and Wholesale Clothing Distributors trust because of our passion for fashion and desire to provide the absolute best.

Since we think that creativity should be unrestricted, we provide customized clothing solutions. We do not want to limit anyone’s right to wear clothing that we or someone else has designed, but rather to give them the opportunity to experiment with their own sense of style. We embrace coming up with original ideas, trying new things, and staying consistent with the ever-evolving world of textiles! We enjoy playing with various hues, shapes, and patterns.

Lomoofy Industries is successfully serving the bulk clothing requirements of a number of garments business owners spread around the world. We boast of our international clients from the USA, Canada, UAE, Australia, Europe, etc. who trust us for quality clothing. Being a reputed brand among the Bulk Wholesale Clothing Suppliers, we offer the highest quality garments designed as per the hottest fashion trends and keep comfort in mind. Our loyal international clients regularly make bulk purchases from us.

Thanks to our rich transportation network, due to which we never fail to deliver our orders on time. Our wide network of transportation consists of different modes of transportation to reach out to you faster.

How to become our distributor?

In a very short span of time, Lomoofy Industries has become one of the leading Bulk Wholesale Clothing Suppliers in India. We manufacture menswear, womenswear, and kidswear in bulk quantities to meet the high demand for our brand in the market. We also provide an amazing collection of comfortable sportswear if you are looking to buy gym wear for men and sportswear for women as Wholesale Clothing Distributors.

Seeing the hype and longevity in the billion-dollar clothing industry, if you are thinking of starting your business in this industry without much investment, Lomoofy Industries is the solution for you. You can enter our list of successful and profitable Wholesale Clothing Distributors and expand your business.

Whether you are an entrepreneur or own a small or medium size company, or you are running a large-scale company, it is a golden opportunity to become our Wholesale Clothing Distributors. We will provide you with our complete clothing line at the best prices so that you can generate a good profit margin. So, whosoever is interested in investing in the clothing industry is warmly invited to join Lomoofy Industries and run a promising business.

Custom clothing option for Wholesale Clothing Distributors

For Lomoofy Industries, every client is special. We understand that every valuable client of ours may have special requirements when it comes to clothing. Therefore, we provide an option for custom clothing. You provide us with your idea and we will mold it into reality in the best way possible using our expertise and experience. As per the demands of our Wholesale Clothing Distributors, we will fulfill their clothing needs as per their preferred designs, fabric, color palette, etc. We provide the following services to our custom based clothing requirement clients:

  • We guide you regarding the trends in design development or, if necessary, we also suggest you some design adjustments.
  • Creating the Garment pattern, developing, and grading it.
  • Fabric sourcing, weaving, dyeing, developing, and then the printing process to manufacture the best quality garments.
  • We also have the facility to create computer-aided embroidery patterns and clothing embroidery.
  • We produce a variety of clothing, covering women, men and kids wear.
  • We are devoted to ethical business practices, fair trade, and high-quality fabrics. However, we also create regular quality fabric clothes because of the high market demand and customers’ budget restraints.
  • We are punctual and obliging in our delivery We make sure that we always deliver our orders on time.
  • With the help of our seamless, controlled air and sea logistics partners, we offer international logistics and delivery as well to your door.
  • Prices depend on quantity and quality, and we offer both limited and bulk We make every effort to guarantee NO-minimum quantity for our items.

Join Us!!

You are welcome to join one of the top Bulk Wholesale Clothing Suppliers, Lomoofy Industries, and lead a profitable business. Grow as our company grows!! You can reach out to us at +91 98759-80195 or write us an email at customercare@lomoofy.com to get more information.


The distributor makes significant orders with the manufacturer and delivers the clothing to the customers. Rarely, they will sell straight to specific clients, but more frequently, they sell to the retail establishments where clients shop.

The term “bulk wholesale clothing” refers to the worldwide market for the sale of large quantities of clothing, in which manufacturers, distributors, and retailers engage in a commercial, business-to-business exchange.

The term “wholesale clothing distributor” refers, in a nutshell, to clothing that is offered at a discount from retail prices and is sold in large amounts. Clothing is purchased in bulk from wholesalers by retailers, who resell the products separately for more profit.

The cheaper you can buy clothing, the lower the price you can sell it for without losing money – you win and, more importantly, your customers win. Wholesalers buy in large amounts and sell in large amounts. If you require a large quantity of a particular items, you can be confident that it will be available to meet demand.

Looking for the best bulk wholesale clothing suppliers? Look no further than Lomoofy Industries! We offer a wide selection of quality clothing at unbeatable prices. Shop now and get the best deals on bulk wholesale clothing!

  • Select a Product and Contact the Sellers
  • Create a Workplace Name The Company
  • Locate a Franchisee
  • Create a Credit Code
  • Create a network and promote distribution. Policy on Company Purchases
  • Keep an Eye on Your Company

While wholesale involves selling products in bulk to other companies like retail stores, retail involves selling products straight to the end user.

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